Originally founded in 1934 as a well-digging firm, Placate the Cattin Productions quickly branched out into adjoining fields. Its success was profound and, predictably enough, PTC Productions ultimately made its stunning debut in the field of Interactive Games. From that point on the story of the company is public knowledge and a cannonical part of the history of gaming, electronics, technology, and indeed America.


Our disjointed programming team outputs nothing but the finest bits of nonsense.

Our chief programmer and janitor Kieth Luguiski is a graduate of the University of Pheonix in Moscow. While still in college he became famous for winning a bet that he could build an atomic toaster using nothing but parts found in his dormitory washroom. The winner of the McMclure Prize for Polymath and the Finnish Senatorial Accolade, Mr Luguiski has thrice been struck by lightning. We are honored to say that he now brings his obscure genius to our humble enterpise.

Dna Skriffshin is a pretty cool dude. I met him at this concert once, and he was all like, "Oh, am I obscuring your view?" So I was like, "Nah, s'all good." And so he said, "Well, if I should be an hindrance in any way, please don't hesitate to say so." Yeah, bro's got some mad conversational skills. I think he worked for NASA for like ever, you know, the National Association for Swedish Acrobats. I saw him do this rope walking act; that shit was tight! Seriously though, he's pretty good with a keyboard. I once watched him type, no lie, the entire US Constitution in ITALIAN, using only his THUMBS AND PINKIES! Siiiiiiiiiiick.